Olney Hymns – Book I

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Discover the book that brought us Amazing Grace.

In 1779 John Newton and his friend, poet William Cowper, published a collection of 348 hymns that were written especially for their local community in Olney. The most famous of which is Amazing Grace.

The hymns reveal Newton’s fiery love for the people of Olney, and his commitment to unveil the beauty and power of the Gospel to the people of his parish.

The collection was originally published in three books. Book I. includes hymns that are based on select texts of scripture.

Here at Hymns Of Note we love the Olney Hymns and have written about them in our two books (Hymns Of Note and Hymns Of Note: Rejoice), but we struggled to find a good published edition of the hymns that wasn’t just a facsimile of the original. So we decided to publish our own modern version that really celebrates these hymns.

Hymns Of Note aims to breathe new life into old hymns and is proud to present Olney Hymns Book I. The first collection of its kind, this book includes the original text of the hymns with updated formatting for the modern reader.

Book I. also includes John Newton’s original preface to the Olney Hymns.

From the preface to Olney Hymns by John Newton:
“…I offer [Olney Hymns] to the service and acceptance of all who love
the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity, of every name and in every place, into whose hands it may come; I more particularly dedicate to my dear friends in the parish and neighbourhood of Olney, for whose use the hymns were originally composed; as a testimony of the sincere love I bear them, and as a token of my gratitude to the Lord, and to them…” 

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